Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Training Tip Tuesday: Christmas Edition

Training Tip Tuesday posts typically include information about how to get in shape in the most safe and effective way.  However, we are realistic and don't anticipate many people to be lacing up their tennis shoes today so we are proud to introduce the inaugural Christmas Edition of Training Tip Tuesday.

1.  Hydrate
Fruitcakes by nature are packed with sodium.  If you imbibed last night or are planning to eat a slice this morning, make sure that you are hydrating.  Today is a marathon - not a sprint.  You can't fall victim to dehydration before lunch.

2. Clothes That Breath
You can bet your bottom dollar that grandma will regale you with a story from her childhood every time you open a new gift.  Wear comfortable clothes so you can relax around the tree as the stories are told... and told... and told.

3.  Breathe Through Your Nose, Exhale Through Your Mouth
There will be a lot of chaos Christmas morning (especially if you have young children) so be sure to stop and breathe through your nose every once in a while.  How else are you going to fully enjoy the evergreen smell of the tree, the breakfast casserole, the peppermint patties, and whatever else you have wafting through your house Christmas morning.

4.  Stretch
Be a boyscout and always be prepared.  Stretch!  You never know when you are going to open a present to find an item you have been coveting for the last seven months.  You don't want to be jumping around with a cold hammy.  Team In Training registration and Big D Climb are right around the corner.  Don't find yourself on the injured reserve list.

5.  Be Thankful
Because you know that we, here at the North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, thank our lucky stars every day to be involved with such amazing people.  You inspire us every day.

Happy Holidays!

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