Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: An Inspirational Letter

The Williams family at the LLS Volunteer
Appreciation Night at the Texas Legends.
Below is an inspirational letter Kirsa Williams wrote to inspire a Team In Training team as they work to raise money and train for an upcoming event.

Dear Team,

I want to tell you about our amazing three year old little boy, Bennett. Our lives were forever changed on April 9th of 2011. We were sitting in an exam room in the ER at Children’s Hospital waiting on blood test results, when a team of doctors entered the room and gave us the news that our 13 months old son had leukemia. From that moment on, our entire family started the fight against cancer. In support of our baby boy who was even too young to speak, we educated ourselves on blood cancer, and learned what we needed to do, and where we needed to go to give him the best chance at survival. His chemotherapy treatment would last a little longer than 3 years, with the first 9 months being the toughest. Since his diagnosis, he has endured several rounds of chemotherapy, bone marrow tests, lumbar punctures, blood transfusions, and many days and nights at the hospital. Watching Bennett receive treatment for leukemia is the hardest thing my husband and I have ever had to do. We would trade places with him in a heartbeat.

These past couple of years have taught us the meaning of community, friendship, faith, and grace. It showed us the faces of true courage and strength in the children and the families that we have met along this journey. Some who are no longer with us, some who fight on in vein, and some who are winning the battle; all of whom share the same indomitable spirit. Whether you joined TNT to run in honor of someone, in memory of someone, or because you are a survivor yourself, my family thanks you so much for taking on this challenge. It is because of people like you that my sweet boy can run and jump and play like a normal three year old should! Thank you for a being a part of finding a cure!

Blessing to you all, and good luck training for your race!

Kirsa Williams

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