Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother's Day Profile: Shaena Campbell

Below is a Facebook post by Shaena Campbell on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.  Her daughter, Shadoh, is currently at MD Anderson in Houston awaiting a stem cell transplant after her second round of Hodgkin's lymphoma.  Shadoh, who is also a mother, is 23 years old.

This week she [Shadoh] is finishing up on some necessary testing and we have a few classes to take (on transplant care, etc) Friday (as in day after tomorrow) she will be admitted and Saturday (-1 day) she will receive her first dose of high dosage chemotherapy. She will receive high dosage chemo everyday for six days, making the last one given Thursday, May 9 (day 0). The transplant will begin May 10th (+1 day).

Wow. It's here. The day we have fervently prayed for and I feel excited and sick at the same time (and I'm not gonna lie...weighing heavy on the sick). Your gut and your heart seem to have a HUGE connection when it comes to these matters. They both feel very uneasy. ~ Specific prayer request: for Shadoh to be able to keep the same 'push through' attitude and unwavering stamina. I know she's tired and I know she's scared. As her momma, that rips at my soul to its very depth. I have no way to tell her how she may feel or any stories to share that may relate. I am sitting in my closet with the doors shut so she can't hear me cry. How can I tell her everything's going to be fine when I am terrified?  I know. I've been here. I get up outta the floor, wipe my face, pray for strength and have faith. He has never let me down before. He knows my heart and mind right now. Also, praying all goes as smooth as glass Saturday.

I will be flying home for Sage's prom [Shadoh's sister] and Shadoh will have her boyfriend and numerous other family members here for the first day. I have consulted with her doctor and he assures me all will be fine. Juggling not missing everything of my Sage & Shel while being in Houston is almost impossible, it seems. My heart literally aches at times. Shadoh said I never missed her prom and she didn't want me to miss her sisters, either. So, praying for a smooth first day of chemo, beautiful prom for Sage and a few minutes spent with Sheltyn Brynne, too. There are so many more, I will start with those specific ones today. I am eternally humbled and grateful for the AMAZING amount of support our family has been given. We are blessed beyond measure. I know there are so many of you helping him...thank you, thank you, thank you!! Much love and gratitude.

If you would like to take time to honor a mother, like Shaena, in your life please consider making a donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this Mother's Day.

Make a donation
online and a letter of recognition of your gift will be sent to the mother you are honoring with your donation. You are also welcome to mail in a donation to: LLS, Attn: Mother's Day, 8111 LBJ Fwy., Ste 425, Dallas, TX 75251.

Thank you and Happy Mother's Day from the North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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