Monday, February 24, 2014

2013 Annual Report: New Grants

The 2013 Annual Report for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has been released.  In this series of blogs, a number of key advancements and developments will be highlighted.  This report is an in-depth look at how your fundraising dollars are being spent and the medical breakthroughs and partnerships you are so crucial in creating.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is always working to find ways to ensure that the best and brightest researchers in the world of blood cancer research have the funds to complete their work and get us closer to a world without blood cancers.  LLS introduced a number of new grants in 2013 to achieve that goal.

New Idea.  This is a new grant program designed to identify highly novel research strategies with potential to fundamentally increase our understanding of specific blood cancers and significantly change the way blood cancer patients are diagnosed and treated.  This program supports academic researchers with approaches that are likely to help improve patient outcomes.  The researchers will receive a one-year $100,000 grant.

Screen to Lead.  LLS also recently solicited applications from researchers who are identifying (screening) potential drugs that inhibit recently discovered cancer-driving molecules (targets) and/or optimizing the chemical properties of novel inhibitors.  This Screen to Lead initiative acknowledges a significant need to help investigators discover and improve drug-like compounds that can be further tested in the lab and in the clinic.

Quest for Cures.  In February 2013, LLS asked the academic researcher community to propose research focusing on three priority areas:  Monitoring tumor cell heterogeneity and its contribution to response or resistance to therapy; molecular mechanisms to identify and direct subsets of patients with B-cell malignancies to the right therapy; and the roll of the tumor microenvironment in initiation and maintenance of blood cancers.  Quest for Cures is enabled by funding by Celgene through our new Targets Leads and Candidates Program.  This program identifies and funds priority research areas, with support from biotechnology and pharmaceutical company partners.

LLS continues to support the development of breakthrough cancer therapies in academic settings, committing substantial funding to researchers around the world.

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