Thursday, April 24, 2014

Texas Instruments Gift

Corporate culture is king at Texas Instruments (TI).  The Dallas-based technology company fondly calls its employees TI-ers and strives to create an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, and personal investment among its international workforce.  In late 2003 when Raj Gupta, a popular member of its analog marketing team, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the company took notice and supported him through his personal battle.  Sadly, Gupta lost his personal battle in 2004 and Texas Instruments lost a valued employee and friend.

To honor his memory, TI created the Raj Gupta Marketing Excellence Award which recognizes marketing excellence by analog employees and rewards individual contributions to successful marketing.  In addition to the award, Texas Instruments pledged to make an annual contribution of $10,000 in Raj's name to a Dallas nonprofit cancer organization.

The North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has been a recipient of this generous award every year since 2008.  Texas Instruments directs this donation to the chapter's Patient Access Programs which provide direct financial assistance, education and referral services to blood cancer patients across the North Texas region.

Since 2008, Texas Instruments has given a total of $70,000 to LLS in Gupta's memory.

"Gifts of this kind are truly remarkable," says Patricia Thomson, Executive Director of the North Texas Chapter of LLS.  "Texas Instruments' annual grant is making a real impact in our communities, as we fund cutting-edge blood cancer research, educating medical professionals, and provide co-pay assistance to patients with the most financial need."

LLS provided financial aid to more than 30 thousand people last year and distributed more than one million free educational materials to patients.  In addition to financial support and education, LLS invests heavily in research.  In the last year alone, LLS funded approximately $70 million in research, second only to the United States Government.

LLS is thankful to Texas Instrument and its generous support of LLS.  "Their impact in the North Texas community is real, and is key in helping to find a cure for blood cancers in our lifetime," says Thomson.

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