Thursday, October 23, 2014

North Texas Staff Dallas Marathon Relay Team: Time

L to R: Stacey Russell (Deputy Executive Director) Patricia Thomson
(Executive Director), Kacy Lowe (Director of Development, Michael Iyescas 
(School & Youth Manager), Tiffany Valeri (Light The Night Manager)
For the first time in the history of the North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), five staff members are teaming up to participate in the Dallas Marathon - Relay for Team In Training (TNT).  They are already fundraising and training for their leg of the race but are facing their own individual challenges.  Today Stacey Russell, North Texas Chapter's Deputy Executive Director, talks about her main concern: time.

"GO TEAM!  Find the time! 

Each time I decide to do another event for LLS, I think…I don’t have the time to do this!  I think that every day when I am trying to find the time to run a few miles, lets be honest, even one mile.  With the dailies that life brings to each of us including myself, this is what I struggle with the most as I train for the LLS staff relay Dallas Marathon team is TIME. 

I am excited about the race, but I have to say my training is lacking due to time.  As a working mom juggling my important job here at LLS, being a wife, a mom, chauffeuring to various school and sporting activities with my children, spending time with my family and friends is what I long to do.  But isn't that the same for everyone?  The saying goes you make the time for what is important.  I do make the time for all of those things and I have committed to make time to train for the relay this year to help in the fight against blood cancers.  Why?  Because as I write this, I am reflective in thinking…'really, Stacey, you don’t have enough time?'  The amount of time I have doesn’t even compare to the time that  families would give for the loved ones lost to blood cancer, the time that it takes a patient to go through chemotherapy that they wish the didn't have to go through, the moment in time that someone hears the words that they were diagnosed with a blood cancer.  In the amount of time I can run three miles, 11 people will have been diagnosed with a blood cancer and four will have lost their battle. 

I do have the time to race, to train, to fundraise, to reflect, to care, to help make a difference.  So can you…take the time to join LLS in the fight as we work towards a world without blood cancers.  

Find the time!  GO TEAM!"

Inspired by Stacy?  There is still time to create your own relay team for the Dallas Marathon.  Learn more at

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