Monday, September 19, 2016

Travel Assistance Program: Re-Opening Today!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's  (LLS) Susan Lang Pay-it-Forward Patient Travel Assistance program will reopen on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 12PM EST. 

LLS recently received funding specifically for pediatric patients defined as “children and adolescents 19 years of age or below at the time of application”.  The pediatric fund is limited and is expected to fill quickly.  Once these allotments are filled, patients may apply to the general fund for assistance.  

Qualifying patients can only receive travel assistance once per fiscal year.

Available Funding
General Fund – provides assistance for patients with all blood cancers
Pediatric Fund (limited) –provides assistance for children and adolescents (19 years of age or below at time of application) with all blood cancers.

Patient Eligibility
Patient eligibility criteria for travel assistance:

·         Applicants (patients) must be US citizens or permanent residents which is verified by applicant’s physical address; and
·         Applicants must have a confirmed diagnosis of blood cancer; and
·         Applicants may be insured or uninsured; and
·         Applicants must meet financial eligibility criteria defined as an annual income at or below 500% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)  

A one-time grant of $500 is available for qualified patients per year:

·         Awards are limited to one per patient, per year; and
·         Awards are based upon a first-come first-serve basis; and
·         The program will be offered for as long as funding is available; and
·         Award is distributed via the Susan Lang Pay-it-Forward patient travel assistance credit card

Approved Travel Expenses: ground transportation, tolls, gas, parking, car rental, air transportation, lodging, and ambulance services.

Expenses NOT Covered: food, drinks and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, automotive parts/supplies and repair, auto dealers, travel agencies, baggage fees, and international travel.

How to Apply

Patients can apply via the online portal at or by calling ourtoll free number: 844-565-2269. 

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