Monday, January 30, 2017

Eating & Cancer Prevention: 5 Questions With Patricia R. Thomson, Ph.D.

North Texas Executive Director Patricia R. Thomson, Ph.D. is hosting four free classes centered around how your diet can play a role in cancer prevention and survival.  She sat down and answered five questions about the connection between cancer prevention and what you put on your plate.  

What peaked your interest to learn more and get a Plant Based Nutrition certification to teach others about healthy eating?
I began eating healthy over 7 years ago as the result of a radio show I heard.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman was talking about the wonders of eating a plant-based diet.  I had been on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and thought I was a victim of my genetics.  Everything changed for me after that.  Because of the results I have seen I want to share what I know with others who may not have heard that you can take control of your health.  Empowerment is the key to great health.

What is the most common misconception you’ve heard about healthy eating?
When people hear that I eat a plant-based diet they think I eat lettuce for every meal.  While greens are important they are just one component of such a varied diet.  I eat more now than I ever have and I have stacks and files of recipes.  There are so many options.  Pizza, pastas, tacos, chilis, soups, wraps, the list goes on.   I think people will get excited when they see all of the delicious food you can eat and not adversely affect their health or weight.

What is the top take-away you would like session participants to learn?
You have the power to control what goes on your plate- the power to determine if you live a healthy life.  By filling your plate with healthy options you leave less and less room for the unhealthy foods.  Soon you will not want to have those unhealthy foods around because you will feel so good eating all of your new healthy choices.  We are not victims of our genetics – you can overcome your genetic destiny and chart a new healthy course for your life.

Some worry that eating healthy can be too expensive to maintain.  How do you address that?
While you can spend all of your money buying exotic foods, eating healthy can be very basic.  Buying frozen fruits and vegetables, dried pastas and rice and canned goods is a great way to start out. I buy a lot of my groceries at Costco or Kroger.  Good healthy food does not have to cost a lot.  Making rice or pasta bowls filled with veggies, rice, beans, sauces, and pastas is a quick way to prepare a healthy meal that everyone will love.  The key to eating healthy is to make it easy and great tasting.  Plus, it can be a way for families to plan the menu together and have fun putting the meals together.  Teaching healthy eating habits at an early age sets children up for a lifetime of success.

Say someone would like to learn more about healthy eating.  Where should they go?

Well, first I would suggest that they come to my classes.  Even if they can only make one or two I will be providing a ton of resources, recipes and information to get them on their way.  Plus, I have a website that everyone can access to find out more about healthy eating.  Two hours on a Saturday will be well worth the investment.  

Learn more about her classes and how you can sign up for them by clicking here.

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