Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Training Tip Tuesday: Coach Erin

I started running with Team in Training in November of 2010.  Before that I had not run more than 5 miles, and even that was few and far between.  After my first season I came back as a mentor for a few seasons and wanted to keep doing more to help others complete their events, so, I will be assistant coach starting with the spring season that is about to start.    

My first event with the team was the Oklahoma City Marathon.  I originally was going to do a half, but was convinced by those who will remain nameless to do a full instead.  I have never been one to enjoy the cold; I get cold very easily and rarely get completely warm even at the end of a run, on a frigid day.  That being said, the day before the race the weather drastically changed and was unseasonably cold! The wind-chill was somewhere in the 30s-40s, with wind gusts up to 30 mph, not to mention the constant rain, and at about mile 14 for me it began to hail.  Needless to say, I did survive it, but would have really appreciated being more prepared for it.  I completed the race in shorts, a singlet, and my TNT hat (fortunately I also had packed a short sleeve running shirt as well to wear).    

While I appreciate the reactions and admiration I receive for having completed my first full marathon in horrendous conditions, there’s a point to it…no matter what you think the weather might be for your race, be prepared for much worse!  It doesn’t require much packing space to add pants, gloves, ear warmers, and a light weight jacket, even if you’re running somewhere where it should be warm (I forgot to mention the race was in May, which is never a cold month).  Also, don’t be too proud to wear a trash bag to keep warm; just don’t forget the hole for your head, of course.  As much as we may want to look cute while out running, trust me, comfort is much more important!        
This is a pic of me at THE race, which makes me laugh every time I see it, because I genuinely thought I was all-out running at the time, but it appears I’m out for a leisurely stroll instead…another bit of advice: no matter how crappy you are feeling, don’t forget to smile for the camera! 
Erin Merriman has been involved with TNT North Texas for 3 years and is excited about coaching her first season this Spring.

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