Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Tip Tuesday: Coach Joe

One of the best ways to avoid knee problems is to have strong quadriceps. This can be done very easily by doing some isometric exercises. You can do these watching TV or even at your desk at work. Simply hold your leg out straight and tighten up the quadriceps muscle and hold it for a minute, then do the other leg. Do three sets of these two times a day and your quads will be stronger and in turn keep your knees tracking better and it will help you avoid knee injury and pain.
Joe Bacon
Coach Joe says the following:  "I have been involved with Team In Training since 1997. I ran my first marathon with TNT then as a participant, which was my 17th over all. I was hooked on the program. I started coaching in 1999 and have loved helping runners of all abilities reach their fitness goal of finishing the half or full marathon. My full time job is that of being a Baptist preacher. I consider coaching for TNT part of my ministry. I have had the privilege of running the Boston marathon twice and finishing 78 marathons. I always tell folks if you run them slow you can run a bunch of them. My experience includes 300+ races, 2,019 miles in races and over 28,867 training and racing miles. Some of my marathon's are, New York, Marine Corps, Bermuda, Dublin, Ireland, Paris, France, Rome, Italy, and Madrid Spain. All proudly wearing my TNT jersey. We have helped over 2,000 participants finish their event and hope to help many more. I have had the privilege of personally raising over $75,300.00 over the years for LLS as well."

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