Friday, September 14, 2012

Fundraising Friday - Garage Sale Tips

I joined Team In Training after hearing a lady at boot camp mention that there was a group that was going to be hiking the Grand Canyon.  I thought, "I don't have any friends that would consider doing that so I looked into what TNT was all about" and I joined that day.  I had a niece at the age of 7 who battled cancer and I wanted to find a way to give back to others and this has been a great fit for me. Raising money for a great cause and I get a great exercise program, have met some great people and developed long lasting friendships.
I have done three hikes with the TEAM - Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Zion.  I have also completed two full Disney Marathons, 3 half marathons - Disney, Oklahoma City and Vancouver. Since 2007, I've raised over $24,000 for blood cancers.  I enjoy hosting garage sales to help with my fundraising and wanted to share a few tips with you.
1) 100% of what I sell has been donated by others.  I send out and email with my website link asking folks to help in two ways... are you cleaning out your closets, garage, attic then consider donating the items that you don't want to my garage sale. It's amazing what people will give you... some items need to go into the garbage and others are easy to sell.   If I get some nicer, more expensive items then I either sell them on Craigs list or ebay.  For example:  a lady gave me a coach bag that looked brand new.  At a garage sale I would be lucky to get $5 so I sold it on ebay and got $85.  (still cheap but was a whole lot more money than the other way)  I recently received a nice wood rocker and sold it on Craigs list for $45.

2) I will offer to pick up any items that they want to get rid of because it helps collect more stuff.

3) I always post an LLS Sign so that folks know there is a reason for this garage sale and it makes it easy to ask them to give a little more. When I list things on ebay and Craigs list, I let people know that the money is going to LLS and it seems to get peoples attention.

4) Borrow hanger from the dry cleaners so that clothes can be hung up and easy to see.  I have also created my own clothes rack by purchasing a long pipe at home depot for a few bucks and then use two ladders to hold it.

5) Take used books to Half Price Books as you get more money for them than selling in the garage sale.

6) Sell bottled water

7) Advertise your garage sale on Craigs list a few days prior to the event... let them know that this is a fundraiser for Team In Training.

Happy Garage Sale!

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