Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Team Five Alive: An Introduction

2016 is a big year for Kelly and David Nesbit.  It marks five years since David was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).  To commemorate and celebrate how far his health and they have come in those five years, the Nesbits are launching Team Five Alive with the goal of raising more than $100,000 in David's honor through Team In Training.  Why $100,000?  That amount ensures that the Nesbits will be able to name an LLS research grant in David's name and direct the funds towards blood cancer research.  

Below Kelly introduces their family and talks about what it is like to launch a year long fundraising blitz. 

"So many of the stories we hear about those affected by blood cancers bring us to tears. I am happy to say this one will give you hope! A reason to celebrate!  You see, 5 years ago OUR HONORED HERO, DAVID NESBIT walked into a chemo room for the first time, 6 months later he walked out and has never returned! We ALL have high hopes he will NEVER go back!

This is his story.
David Nesbit, a father of six beautiful children, was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2009. David’s chemo treatment plan was for 6 months – 3 days on, 27 off. Watching him go through his first round appeared was the hardest. So many unknowns were facing him, his entire family and anyone who loved him! How would he feel? Would he lose his hair? Which by the way he had Team in Training Teammates that said they would shave their heads if he did! Would he need to be away from work for long periods of time? But the biggest question was, WAS he going to be OK?   
His kids had thoughts of fear, fear that he was going to die. Fear that their world was ending. They refused to imagine a world without him as they simply had not had enough time together. (His youngest child was only 7 years old). They were angry and sad and afraid…

David quickly got grasp of how his body responded – actually we joked how it was quite similar to morning sickness – one month of chemo for each child. LOL! He experienced nausea – he had food cravings (mostly salt!) His sleep pattern was off.  But, he always kept a positive attitude! There were days he even wanted to go for a run after chemo to show his body who was boss! He NEVER showed doubt! The last day of chemo was the only time he seemed to be impatient during the whole process. All he wanted was be DONE! And he wanted to be done NOW!

August 2011 David’s chemotherapy treatment ended. Every 6 months we hope and pray the Dr. will give him another positive report. While today there currently is not a cure for his blood cancer, the prognosis has much improved for those diagnosed with CLL. Amazingly though, because of research and the development of treatment in recent years, David’s oncologist believes that he may NEVER have to go through intravenous chemo treatment again.  His treatment has allowed him to be with us. Since his last treatment, he got married, watched 3 daughters get married and two grandbabies have been born. He has witnessed high school graduations, sent kids off to college and has celebrated several birthdays, anniversaries and holidays – ALL because of the amazing support through LLS.

Talk about a celebration!?
As excited we all are for David and those that have found his same success when battling blood cancers – we, Team 5 Alive, have made a commitment to march on (or run, or bike, or swim) until there is a CURE!

This year, in celebration of David we have committed to completing endurance events all over the country and raise $100,000 for cancer research and patient aid.  As a member of Team 5 Alive we will fundraise by hosting charity events, working golf tournaments, cheering at marathons and any way that we think of that will help us to meet our goal of $100,000. We will do this while training in the cold and in the heat and encourage our friends and loved ones to do the same!

Stay tuned as we share the adventures of Team 5 Alive! We hope to see you all out there cheering us on as we cross this BIG FINISH LINE!"


Kelly Nesbit is the co-team captain of Team Five Alive and will be posting monthly about their goal to raise $100,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of  David's fight.  

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