Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Goodbye Port!

Candice Stinnett, a lymphoma survivor, Team In Training Alum, and North Texas chapter volunteer, celebrated an important milestone this week.  Below, she talks about having her port removed.


"This 5 1/2 year relationship is about to come to an end.  No more stares at this ugly thing protruding out of my chest. No more pat downs at the airport due to not being able to pass through security. No more masseuses getting creeped out.  I kept it in just in case cancer decided to come for another visit. Another step to getting ready for swimsuit season!  Goodbye, port.. No more chemo for you and no more chemo for me."


"Opened me up and pulled it out."

Congratulations to Candice as she moves forward with her life as a blood cancer survivor!

LLS-funded researchers were instrumental in the creation of the port for the admission of chemotherapy during treatment?  The port is one of many advances LLS has helped further that has been beneficial to the treatment of all cancers. 

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