Monday, December 23, 2013

Mission Monday: Gingerbread House Fundraiser

In San Francisco, CA a little boy named Rhett created a spectacular gingerbread house in The Fairmont Hotel to raise money and awareness of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and blood cancers.  In front of this life-size gingerbread house he posted this note:

My name is Rhett.  My sister's name is Annesley.
Happy Holidays and Welcome to the Fairmont Hotel Gingerbread House.
Leukemia is cancer in my blood
Cancer cells are the bad guys.
I take chemo to get the bad guys out.
Thank you for raising money to help get the bad guys out.
Someday we will all say GONE WITH THE CANCER
My name is Rhett and I GIVE A DAMN

We are thankful for volunteers of all ages who work tirelessly to further the LLS mission to create a world without blood cancers.

Happy Holidays from North Texas!

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