Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Susan Allen: Honored Heroes

Hello North Texas,

This month’s blog is a little different.  In past months I’ve shared with you about a service or an event that The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) offers or supports. This month I want to tell you about the amazing people that LLS has the honor of knowing and working beside.

We call special patients and survivors our Honored Heroes.  They have this title because we find it important to honor them and the path they and their families have walked to become survivors after a blood cancer diagnosis.  The North Texas Honored Heroes have a very special role within our organization.  They join us in various campaigns to offer support, encouragement and serve as a reminder of why we work so hard to find a cure for all blood cancers.  

As a survivor myself I can say that when you hear the words “you have cancer” it immediately makes you a member of an unlikely club.  Although you never wanted to be a member you soon find out there are amazing people in this club and their stories are powerful. Our Honored Heroes are our partners in spreading our mission: To find a cure for blood cancers and improve the quality of life for our patients and their families. 

We value our Honored Heroes and couldn't do what we do without their inspiration.

See you next month!


Susan Allen is the Patient Access Manager of the North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and author of this monthly blog series.  She is a 22-year Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor, registered nurse and a Certified Nurse Navigator.

Contact Susan:
(972) 996-5905

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