Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meet the Coach: Claire Oliver

Claire Oliver is the coach for the North West Cities marathon team this Winter Season.  Read about Claire and how she plans to help you reach your goal with Team In Training

1.   How long have you been coaching with TNT and what was your first event? 
I've been with TNT since 2003 and have been coaching for 11 years. My first event was Capital of Texas Triathlon in Austin in May 2003.

2.   What is your style of coaching? 
I love coaching all sorts of athletes, I want training and racing to be fun. I also want to see people do their best and accomplish their personal goals. Most importantly I want everyone to keep the mission in mind.

3.  Some people are intimidated by the idea of training for a full or half marathon.  What advice would you give them? 
Just do it! When I first started with TNT I was a swimmer and couldn't even run around the block. I joined TNT and have since run around the block a bunch of times, and I love it. I know that if I could make that big of a change in my life, then you can do it too!

4.       Is there an Honored Hero that has left a lasting impact on  you?  Who and why? 
My step dad is my own personal honored hero, he is the reason I got involved with LLS and then TNT. He was diagnosed and died in 17 days in 2000. Since joining TNT I have met many other people who are winning the battle against blood cancer. Joyce Williams is a special honored hero to me. She is on the Northwest cities team and just started a clinical trial for her treatment. She comes to training every week has a beautiful smile on her face and really brings me back to why I am out there training and raising money- to fund these clinical trials that will save her life.

5.       What is the best kept secret about Team In Training? 
You don't just get to train and do a race, you meet some of your best friends through this organization! Team in Training attracts some of the most wonderful people you could ever want to meet.

6.       What is the best training advice have you ever received? 
Put your shoes on and get out the door. That is usually the hardest part, when you are running or walking you'll have a blast. 

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  1. And you are the best coach EVER!!! Love you bunches!!! :)