Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meet the Coach: Erin Foehner

Erin Foehner is one of the Marathon Coaches for the upcoming Team In Training Winter Season.  She will be leading the Fort Worth group.  Learn more about Erin and her coaching style below.

1.  How long have you been coaching with TNT and what was your first event?
I have been running with TNT since Fall of 2010.  I have been coaching since 2012. 

2.  What is your style of coaching?
My coaching style is all about listening to your body and knowing when to not keep pushing it.  It's great to push yourself, but there is also a point when you need to listen to your body telling you to stop so you don't end up injuring yourself. 

3. Some people are intimidated by the idea of training for a full or half marathon.  What advice would you give them?
The idea of training to run a marathon can be intimidating.  I had never run before I joined TNT.  I originally signed up for a half, and was even overwhelmed by the idea of running 13.1 miles, but as the season went on I was convinced to do a full instead.  I'm not going to say it's easy because it does require hard work, but if you want to do it, just like me, you can!

4.  Is there an Honored Hero that has left a lasting impact on  you?  Who and why?
The Honored Hero who has left an impact on me is Austin.  He was about 7 when I first met him and his mom ran with our team.  He came out regularly to cheer for us (or shoot us with a water gun).  He was always in a great mood and awesome fighter!

5. What is the best kept secret about Team In Training?
The best kept secret about TNT is the friendships you will gain.  I had no idea when I first started that I would do more than one season with the team, much less gain friends who I am able to share more with than anyone else (there's a lot to share that you may not want your non-running friends to know about-they wouldn't understand. Haha.)

6.  What is the best training advice have you ever received?
The best training advice I have ever received was from Coach Manuel:  always have an E-pack (emergency pack) for when you need to use a restroom and there is no toilet paper in the porta-potty, or in case you have to use a bridge.

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