Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meet the Coach: George Meza

George Meza is the cycle coach for the upcoming Team In Training Winter Season.  Learn more about George and his coaching style below.

1.  How long have you been coaching with TNT and what was your first event?
I have been coaching Team In Training cycling for four years.  My first event with Team In Training was the Shiner Texas 100 Mile Century Ride in 2006.  The achievement of completing a century ride was fantastic but contributing to the mission of finding a cure for blood cancers was the great reward.  It is that mission that will keep me coaching and participating until a cure is found.

2.  What is your style of coaching?
My number one priority as a coach is to ensure that each participant crosses the finish line safely and with a sense of achievement.  Safety is something that can not be compromised and we practice to adhere to safety throughout our training season.

3. Some people are intimidated by the idea of training for a century ride.  What advice would you give them?
Challenge yourself to accomplish something that you will remember and be proud of the rest of your life.

4.  Is there an Honored Hero that has left a lasting impact on  you?  Who and why?
I have met many inspiring Honored Heroes throughout my eight years with Team In Training.  However, Doug Campbell is the person that I think about frequently.  Doug has fought a personal battle against blood cancer for 10+ years and has defied all odds.  While we celebrate completing endurance events, Doug is winning the most challenging endurance event, the personal fight against blood cancer.  Whenever I feel challenged by training or competing I simply think about the challenges Doug has faced over the last decade and it provides me the perspective to keep moving forward and to train harder.

5. What is the best kept secret about Team In Training?
Team In Training is not just about completing an endurance event, it is a life changing experience.  The combination of physical achievement, developing life-long friendships, and contributing to the mission of finding a cure for blood cancers is something a participant will cherish forever.

6.  What is the best training advice have you ever received?
Ride for those that have lost their battle against a blood cancer, those who are currently in a battle, and those who do not yet know they will be in a battle.  These words of advice help me conquer the mental and physical challenges presented by endurance training and competing.

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