Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dads Prove the School & Youth Program Isn't Just for Kids

A student at Otis Spears Elementary School came up with a fun challenge to benefit his school's School & Youth fundraising efforts.  Nine-year-old Max challenged his dad's soccer team in a 5k race.  For every team member that Max beat in the 5k, they had to donate $50 to Otis Spear's online fundraising account.  For every team member that beat Max, his dad would pay them $20.

On the morning of the race only two people beat Max.  The rest followed up on their end of the bet and donated to the Otis Spears online fundraising page.  But Max's fundraising challenge did not end there.  Max's dad offered to match every donation the team made to his son's school and the team's goalie agreed to do the same.

The team has raised more than $500 for Max's fundraising efforts with another several hundred dollars pledged.  Way to go!

If you would like to get your child and their school involved with the North Texas School & Youth program, please contact Sharis Hauder.

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