Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Light The Night: Meet the Alpha Dogs

The North Texas Light The Night Walks (LTN) are filled with inspiring teams, incredible stories and motivated fundraisers.  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) feels that it is important to highlight some of the teams that made a real impact this year.

The Dallas Walk was the first LTN event for Friends and Family Team, the Alpha Dogs.  The team of 7 people registered less than two weeks before the Dallas event and are well on their way to raising more than $5,000 for LLS and its goal to create a world without blood cancers.

Leslie Standlee is the captain of the Alpha Dogs and answers a couple questions about why this team is so motivated to raise money for LLS.

1. Tell us about the team you put together for the 2014 Light The Night Walk.
Our team consisted of family, friends and coworkers.  In our first year it was a small group of us wanting to see what Light The Night was all about and now that we have our bearings, we plan to do early recruitment and grow our team for 2015.

2.  Why did you choose to support LLS through Light The Night?
We chose to support LLS for two important reasons.  My dad (who's mustache has made its triumphant return) and one of my colleagues (and a friend) were both diagnosed with lymphoma within weeks of each other in May.  The Light The Night Walk appealed to us as it showcases survivors and supporters and we are proud and ecstatic to represent both of those groups.

3.  What was your favorite part (or parts) of the evening?
The whole evening was great, but I especially enjoyed seeing all of the lanterns light up to show full support.  I also enjoyed doing some pre-walk carb loading with Olive Garden.  Honestly though, seeing the range in years of survivors was the most special to me, given the newness of the disease in my close circle.  Knowing that my dad and Michele have lots of years in front of them was the best part of that night.

4.  What would you tell other people considering participating in the Light The Night Walk next year?
I would tell other people that they should absolutely do it!  It's for a fantastic cause that not only helps people give people I know a better quality of life, but truly is on the mission to CURE the world of blood cancers.  The event itself is incredibly family friendly, has a unique feel to it from other fun walks and helps support a fantastic cause.

5.  Why do you support LLS and its goal of creating a world without blood cancers?
I double, triple, quadruple support ridding the world of blood cancers because the cause is close to me.  I want my dad to walk be down the aisle and meet his future grandkids, and I want Michele to have at least 50 more years on this planet.

The Alpha Dogs and dozens of other Friends and Family teams, along with corporate teams and sponsors, helped to raise more than $1.3 million in North Texas alone.  Thank you to all who supported the event.

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