Monday, November 10, 2014

North Texas Staff Dallas Marathon Relay Team: Fundraising

L to R: Stacey Russell (Deputy Executive Director) Patricia Thomson
(Executive Director), Kacy Lowe (Director of Development, Michael Iyescas 
(School & Youth Manager), Tiffany Valeri (Light The Night Manager)

For the first time in the history of the North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), five staff members are teaming up to participate in the Dallas Marathon - Relay for Team In Training (TNT).  They are already fundraising and training for their leg of the race but are facing their own individual challenges.  Today Tiffany Valeri, the Dallas Light The Night Walk Manager, talks about her main concern: fundraising.

"I was hesitant to sign up for another Team In Training (TNT) event because I just completed a half marathon for TNT less than a year earlier and raised $3,000 in the process.  My donors were very generous when I asked for their support the first time around but I had concerns about asking them to donate again.  Then I stopped and thought about why I was lacing up my tennis shoes for TNT again.  It is for something bigger than me and that realization is what prompted me to sign up. 

This time I am running in honor of my mother.  She is a recent breast cancer survivor and my motivation to help find a cure for cancer - all cancers.  I have not told many people about her personal battle with cancer as I was not sure how to deal with it myself.  However, when I looked to our Honored Heroes and noticed how they offered comfort for others along their journey by sharing their story I realized how important it was to share mine.  Since I first told people about my mother, I have gotten a note of thanks from many people as their story has encouraged them to continue pushing in their own personal battles.

Fundraising for LLS is important because the money I raise while training for the Dallas Marathon will not only help to cure blood cancers - but all cancers.  Did you know that the port and use of multi-drug chemotherapy are just a couple advancements that LLS funded.  Both of those are now being used in the treatment of all cancers.  I no longer worry about asking my donors for donating to my fundraising efforts because their money is going towards finding a cure for all cancers.  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to meet anybody who has not been touched by one cancer or another.  I am making Someday... Today in honor of my mother."

Inspired by Tiffany?  There is still time to create your own relay team for the Dallas Marathon.  Learn more at

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