Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet the Coach: Cole Bryan

Team In Training (TNT) in North Texas is celebrating another first.  Cole Bryan has signed on as a coach for the triathlon team this summer season, making him the first Kona IRONMAN World Championship finisher to accept this role in North Texas.  Ever considered competing in a triathlon?  Why not learn from a man who's completed the "grand-daddy" of all triathlons?  We sat down with Cole and he answered a couple questions about his coaching style.

How long have you been coaching with TNT and what was your first event?
This is my first time coaching with TNT and I am very excited.  My first TNT event was the Honored Hero Run in Fort Worth, TX.

What is your style of coaching?
I will work as much with each person as they want.  I am high on encouraging people to go after their goals.

Some people are intimidated by the idea of training for a triathlon.  What advice would you give them?
You can do it!  If you put in the day to day work, anything is possible.

Is there an Honored Hero who has left a lasting impact on you?  Who and why?
Don Armstrong and Alex W.  Don had a serious battle with leukemia but won his battle and is living every day with a zest for life.  He shows me it is possible.  Alex W. is still going through lymphoma treatments, which have been going on for more than a year.  I look at him and wish we had better cures so others do not have to go through what he has to go through.

What is the best kept secret about TNT?
You can have fun and achieve greatness (both fundraising and athletically) at the same time.

What is the best training advice you have ever received?
Day to day consistency is the greatest secret to success.

Register today to join Cole at the Life Time Tri CapTex this May.

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