Sunday, January 18, 2015

Too Cold to Hold

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is proud to announce the expansion of a current partnership.  Run Project has named LLS the beneficiary of its upcoming Too Cold to Hold race.  This is an expansion of a previous partnership between LLS and Run Project that included Too Hot to Handle last summer.

This event, which has been staffed mainly through Team In Training (TNT) participants and fundraisers in the past, offers volunteers an opportunity to raise money for their fundraising efforts.  This year, this fundraising opportunity is open to participants of all campaigns.

Tanna Wood with Run Project talked to us about why this partnership is beneficial to both LLS and Run Project and how you can support the event as either a participant or volunteer.

Why did Run Project choose LLS as  a beneficiary of the 2015 Too Cold to Hold race?
We loved working with the LLS team last year for Too Hot to Handle and wanted to develop a bigger partnership this year.

What does it mean to have LLS as a beneficiary?
Being a beneficiary of the Run Project can represent many benefits.  The most obvious is the exposure as a partner throughout the year and exposure as one of our partners is huge.  The other area is monetary.  Run Project will donate money directly to LLS as well as providing participants the opportunity to donate additional funds and build teams to help fundraise for LLS.  We allow the beneficiary to raise additional money by gaining sponsors for the event and then the funds go directly to them.

What strikes you about people you have met that are associated with or run with TNT?
I have never met anyone with TNT that wasn't a firm believer in the cause and motivated to compete at any skill level.

What kind of TNT/LLS presence would you like to see the day of Too Cold to Hold?
The bigger the better.  I believe that the participants need to know who they are helping and it is up to us and LLS to create that synergy on race day.

What exciting updates do you have for the race this year
We have all new courses, including a half marathon course.  They are all certified and run on the west side of White Rock Lake.  We will have a new look in the venue and will give everyone a finisher's medal.  It will link up with the finisher medal to be given away at this year's Too Hot to Handle, which LLS will again be the beneficiary.

How can people get registered?
Go to  It is going to be a sellout!

If you would like to volunteer and earn fundraising credit for LLS, please contact Campbell Weber at or at (972) 996-5914.

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