Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Meet the Coach: Dan Tran

Dan Tran will be leading the Grapevine Marathon team this fall season.  He has been working with Team In Training (TNT) athletes in North Texas for years and has created a number of ways to make each season special for his participants.  Read below to find out how he incorporates The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's mission into trainings and how he tries to help keep his team motivated.

What is something special about the Nike Women's Half Marathon that people would not know from reading the event brochure?
The course is not as hilly as people think, considering it is in San Francisco, CA.  If you are a Star Wars fan, you can visit Muir Woods, easily accessible from the city.  This is where some of the scenes in Return of the Jedi (Forest Moon of Endor) were filmed.

What was a specific moment during a training that made you realize just how special it is to be part of TNT.
Near the end of the season, we typically celebrated by having each participant release a purple balloon in memory of someone they love who was affected by cancer.  It is truly an emotional and memorable moment.

Team In Training is often called a participant's second family.  Can you give an example of a time you felt like your team was more like family than a bunch of strangers training together?
Our end-of-the-season potluck party is typically hosted at one of the team member's houses, instead of a restaurant, and everybody participants by bringing their special dish.  If that doesn't make you feel at home, I don't know what will!

Share a quote that helps to keep you motivated during difficult trainings.
"We get to!"
This was a quote from a cancer survivor that stuck with me, probably forever.  It got me through many tough times because it reminded me of how lucky I am to be healthy and to get to do the things that many cancer patients only wish they would do.  Very inspirational!

Join Dan this fall season and check out the TNT experience for yourself.  Register yourself or a team today at  Go TEAM!

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