Monday, April 13, 2015

What is the Mission Taskforce?

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is proud to introduce the newly formed North Texas Mission Taskforce.  The group is still recruiting for members if you are interested in participating.  Below is a rundown of the mission of the group as well as the different subcommittees in which you may serve.

Mission Task Force
a collective group of volunteers, who through a series of actions and tasks, will help create awareness and carry out the mission of LLS. 

Blood Cancer Awareness Month
This committee is responsible for building a number of events around LLS Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September.  The focus is to raise awareness of LLS and its mission through a number of different channels.  Requesting and receiving proclamations from North Texas mayors and city councils is the priority.  The goal is to have an Honored Hero or a volunteer with a mission connection speak at different city council meetings - when receiving the proclamation in person.  Additional activities include, but are not limited to, lining up third party events to benefit LLS, creating partnerships in the community to place LLS materials in stores and restaurants, the sale of paper LLS icons at point of purchase, etc.

Public Outreach
This committee is responsible for brainstorming and implementing opportunities for Public Outreach. This can include expo tables at North Texas health fairs and exhibits and staffing it with volunteers who are comfortable speaking about LLS, and its programs and services in North Texas.  The group should identify ways to create a dynamic display that will catch people’s attention.  In addition, this group should secure honored heroes to speak at the following events: School & Youth assemblies, Light The Night kick-offs and launch parties, third party events, Team In Training kickoffs, inspiration lunches and trainings.  This group would also seek out speaking opportunities to include Rotary Clubs, Chamber events, Business Associations, Community Forums, etc.

LLS Mission Exhibits
This committee is responsible for designing, creating and staffing a dynamic and interactive  exhibit (or booth, depending on event) at every LLS-run event.  Volunteers must be adept at speaking about LLS, what’s happening in North Texas and ways to get involved.  The goal is to create a space that is a destination for the public to find out how they can get more involved with the North Texas Chapter.  There are approximately 16 LLS events a year including but not limited to the Light the Night Walks, Big D Climb, Blood Cancer Conference, St. Valentines Day Luncheon, and TNT Kickoffs, that will need to be staffed.

Lone Star Blood Cancer Conference
This committee is responsible for helping to plan, man and execute the volunteer component of the Lone Star Blood Cancer Conference in late February.  This group works with the North Texas Patient Access Manager to recruit survivors for panel discussions, reach out to the North Texas patient database and encourage them to attend, help promote and assist in the execution on the day of.  This group also helps to promote the event through grassroots marketing efforts, social media, etc.

Patient Outreach
This committee is responsible for reaching out to blood cancer patients who have contacted the North Texas office, in an effort to keep them engaged.  This group will also recruit, train and serve as First Connection volunteers, plan and execute Remembrance Ceremonies at the Light The Night Walks, and steward and cultivate honored heroes before and after their engagement opportunities. 

If you would like to learn more about this group or any of the subcommittees, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Campbell Weber at or (972) 996-5914.

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