Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NEW: Student of the Year

The North Texas Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is pleased to introduce its newest fundraising campaign: Student of the Year.  This new campaign is designed specifically for high school students who are interested in raising money for LLS to help fight cancer, earn service hours and qualify for scholarships.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Student of the Year Program:

Who is the typical Student of the Year candidate?
Candidates in this program are very diverse but all tend to be student leaders within their school or community.  A candidate must be a sophomore, junior or senior in high school and interested in earning community service hours and qualifying for scholarships.  Students must live in the North Texas region and have a network of friends and family that are able to help them during the six week fundraising campaign.

Describe a typical campaign.
How each candidate chooses to raise money for LLS is totally up to them.  Similar to the Man & Woman of the Year campaign, candidates form a campaign team to help with their fundraising efforts.  Previous participants have raised money through personal fundraising pages and online campaigns, letter writing campaigns, candy sales at school, approaching their parent's friends and business contacts about sponsorships and donations, and charity volleyball tournaments.  The type of campaign each student runs is based on their personal connections and time availability.  While the money can only be applied to the candidate's account during the six week period, students are encouraged to line up commitments before the start of the campaign.

What kind of support will these students receive from local LLS staff?
Each candidate will have a dedicated LLS staff person at their disposal before and during the campaign.  This staff person will help set a fundraising plan and provide guidance and address any questions that come up during the campaign.

What does a typical Student of the Year participant raise during this campaign?
Each student commits to raising $5,000 during the six week campaign.  The majority of students raise significantly more.  LLS staff is available to help students with their goal setting and execution strategies.

What if the student does not raise the suggested amount?  Will their credit card be charged for the remaining balance, like Team In Training?
A student will not be charged if they do not reach the $5,000 commitment.  Failure to meet this level is very rare and staff will work with each student to ensure that their personal goals are met.

Who wins a scholarship?
There are a number of incentives offered to candidates based on how much they raise during this campaign.  A college scholarship is awarded to the top fundraising student in the campaign.  Participants can also earn letters of recommendation from the Executive Director of the North Texas Chapter of LLS.  A staff person will be able to explain the incentive levels during the application process.

Must each student have their own Honored Hero?
An Honored Hero is a blood cancer patient or survivor who serves as a reminder about who these funds will benefit. Student of the Year candidates raise money for a local Honored Hero.   The program will have an Honored Hero that applicants may use as their inspiration if they do not already have a personal connection of their own.

How to I learn more?
Please visit our website: or contact Paige Wiebler at (972) 996-5916.

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