Thursday, January 28, 2016

Meet the Coach: Connie Martin

Connie still smiling at mile 26 of the
Portland Marathon.
Meet Connie Martin, the newest Team In Training coach in North Texas.  During the upcoming season, she and Tim Harlow will be coaching the Dallas Marathon team together.  While it took some convincing to take on this new role, Connie is fired up and ready to help participants meet their goals.  Read below to find out why Connie understands the challenges of fundraising and how she can help participants overcome their fears.

What brought you to Team In Training?  
I had been living out of the country for a number of years and had just moved to Texas, knowing no one in the area other than my sister and brother-in-law, Honored Hero David Nesbit.  David knew I was athletic, a runner, and felt I needed to meet some like minded FUN people and told me with no doubt, I had to be a part of Team In Training.  We both signed up for the next season and ran our first half marathon together, Dallas Rock and Roll in April 2012

Why did you want to become a Team In Training coach?  
In all honesty, I think I was set up!  While mentoring the fall season 2015, Coach Tim Harlow was scouting me.  He and Coach Karen Rankin were actively dropping hints of me coaching, that I was politely ignoring. Mostly because I felt there were so many great coaches out there and the shoes would be big ones to fill. Tim approached me one day, asking my interest to coach. When he sensed my apprehension he presented me with an idea of co-coaching with him.  I thought I had conjured up a great response, for us to speak with our family members assuring their support, as this would have Tim and I working on back-to-back-to-back seasons.  I thought for sure this would have bought me some time!  By the end of that day Tim had contacted me, informing he was getting full support from his end.  Long story short, I have come to embrace the idea of coaching.  The components of being a part of a team and sports have always been something I excel and thrive in.  I am thrilled with the opportunity I have been given to motivate people, help them to their goals, fundraise for a cause that is dear to my family and for the most part having a great time while doing so.  I AM ALL IN!

     What should people know about your coaching style?
I will push you as far as you want to go (of course avoiding any injuries or health issues.)  If you tell me you want to complete a 5K or a full marathon, then we are going to get you across that finish line!  If your goal changes, you better tell me and don’t become upset if I question your reasons for changing it.  I am a gentle however, VERY enthusiastic motivator. 

     What advice would you give to somebody who is intimidated by fundraising?
I would tell them I GET IT! (I would rather train double, if someone would fundraise for me.)  I would tell them to tap into their creativity and have as much fun as possible with it.  I would strongly encourage them to do their staff one-on-one to set a game plan their fundraising goals, as well as put them in contact with one of the many people who have been so successful in their fundraising endeavors.  Lastly, I would tell them just like we train as a team, fundraise as a team.  Get your running buddy, best friend, sister, whomever on board to do it with you.  Your confidence will be much greater and your experiences much more rewarding. 

     What advice would you give to somebody who is concerned about training for an endurance race?
I would tell them YOU GOT THIS! People ask me all the time, how can you run a marathon? I tell them it's pure determination.  If you really are determined and follow our training schedule, it’s a done deal. It really is as simple as that.  All we have to do, is put in the work to get you there. 

Best training/race tip you have ever received.
There are two that are prominent in my race day regime.  First is NOTHING new.  Whatever you ate in training, you eat on race day. Whatever you wore in training, you wear on race day.  (I think you get the idea!)  The second is to put out everything the night before.  Have all your gear ready, race bib pinned on, music, and timing devices charged. You will be anxious enough on race morning, so take all that “stuff” to stress about, off your mind.  Do all of this, so all you have to do is wake up, put on your things, show up to the start line.  Race day is your payoff for all your hard work so enjoy the heck out of it.  

Meet Connie and get signed up for the Summer Team In Training season at the Kick Off on February 6th at 1:00 p.m. at Whole Foods at 8190 Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75231.  If you can't make it but would still like to learn more about the program, visit

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