Thursday, November 17, 2016

#TNTBECAUSE: Meet Dana Howe

Here is our fifth in a series of posts leading up to the BMW Dallas Marathon. Today we are interviewing Dana Howe.  Dana has been involved with LLS since 2010 when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Read on to hear why she is doing the Dallas Marathon.

1. What made you decide to run the BMW Dallas Marathon?

I was training for the Big Dam 100 Century ride and a staff person (Mariel) came to our training and asked if anyone would be interested in the relay.  Several of us said yes – in fact, five of us said yes.   So we formed a marathon relay team from five cyclists.  This will be my third Triple Crown and my son’s (Donnie Constantine) first Triple Crown.  I crossed the finish line with the cycling team and began training with the marathon team the following Saturday.

2. What does it mean to you that the BMW Dallas Marathon has been named a national event for Team In Training?
 I am so proud to be part of Team in Training knowing the impact they have made on the lives of so many cancer patients and their families.  The LLS staff works tirelessly to provide the best event options, fantastic coaches, and an overall amazing experience for every participant.  I am very pleased that this marathon has been designated as a national event.

3. What got you involved with Team In Training?

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October of 2009.  While I was undergoing treatment my brother-in-law registered and trained for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride.  After he successfully completed the ride he challenged my husband and I to join him the following year.  Six months after I went into remission I began training and fell in love with the people and the mission.  I have since completed two marathon events, four century cycling events, and three triathlons.  TNT has become a family mission.

4. Finish this sentence, I do “TNTBecause…”
 I want to pay it forward.  LLS funded research for a drug called Rituxan.  Rituxan was one of the drugs that saved my life and has kept me in remission.  Someone was training and fundraising years ago before I had ever heard of TNT.  Those individuals were directly responsible for the drugs available to me that allowed my recovery.  I am grateful and want to help someone else who is diagnosed.   I am committed to participate in at least one event per year until we have a cure.

5. Tell us about the team you’ve formed to run the relay with.  
My relay team consists of my good friend, Teresa Keenan, my son, Donnie Constantine, his fianc√© Ana Valdez Moeller and her sister Daniella Valdez Moeller.  We just couldn’t finish one event without having our sites on the next.  We are already looking to 2017 for a TNT event to follow the BMW Dallas Marathon.  We have named our relay team “Team Kristen” in memory of a friend’s daughter who passed away from a blood cancer.  While there is so much positive news about survival rates and improved treatments we have not won the battle.  We need to stay focused and encouraged until we have a cure.


Did you know?
  • BMW Dallas Marathon is the longest running race in the state of Texas
  • More than 40 different bands are on the course for your entertainment
  • Stay 2 nights at the TNT hotel and you can skip expo lines and have your packet waiting in your hotel room!
  • Earn Awesome Fundraising Incentives
Join the Dallas Marathon TNT Team or join the 5 Person Relay!  150 people have already taken the challenge.  Contact Mariel Bongiovanni for more details. 

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