Thursday, March 23, 2017

Team Ecks Factor Sets Goal at $250,000

Meet North Texas's Newest Mega Team! 

Team Ecks Factor

Dave Eckberg is a hero to so many people.  He’s a hero to his wife, children, and grandchildren.  He’s a hero to his siblings and nephews and nieces.  He’s a hero to his friends and neighbors.  And he’s a hero to the many patients that he cared for over his 20+ year career as an OB/GYN.  Finally, he’s a hero to so many people involved with Team in Training and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We consider him our Honored Hero, but he humbly declines the title and insists that we – the folks out running the miles and doing the fundraising for folks like him – are the real heroes.  He insists that we instead refer to him as our team mascot, Mascot Dave.

After 15 years of fighting his CLL, Dave has run out of chemotherapy treatment options.  He’s been treated and gone into remission many times over the years, but his disease has always come back.  So now he’s getting a bone marrow/stem cell transplant – a risky and challenging procedure.  

In honor of Mascot Dave’s journey, Team Ecks Factor has been formed.  They are a group of friends, family, and TNT teammates (who have become dear friends and family) working together to raise money for LLS - money that will be used to fund research into new treatments and, hopefully very soon, cures!   

Dave's family was first involved with LLS over 10 years ago when they participated in the Fort Worth Light The Night walk in 2007. It seems fitting that a decade later they use the same name for their greatly expanded team! 

Dave checked into M.D.Anderson Cancer Hospital back in February in preparation for his bone marrow transplant. During his hospital stay he had to walk every day. His TNT friend, Megan Rouse, came up with the idea of him actually completing a half marathon around the nurses station.  Dave said "I will be completing laps around the nurses pod and each is .2 miles.  The nurses hand out stickers for each lap so I can keep track."

Before he was discharged he completed his virtual half marathon! 
You can read more of Mascot Dave's story on his personal blog here

We know that Mascot Dave has touched so many people over the years. Anyone can join Team Ecks Factor and help them reach their goal of $250,000!  

Register for an event today.

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