Friday, June 30, 2017

Beat AML Master Clinical Trial in North Texas

LLS Investing in Cures
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is at the center of the Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) innovative decision to allow a nonprofit organization to lead its own clinical trial.  The target: acute myeloid leukemia (AML).  It is the deadliest form of leukemia and has not seen a new treatment option in more than 40 years.

LLS Investing in Patients
LLS is dedicating more than $125 million to the Beat AML initiative, which is focused on creating new treatment options for AML patients.  LLS is harnessing the efforts of geneticists, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and healthcare facilities in this revolutionary approach to creating new therapies.

LLS Investing in North Texas
Dr. Robert Collins, Jr., a member of the North Texas LLS Medical Advisory Board and LLS-funded researcher, has been charged with the task of leading the ONLY Beat AML trial in the south at UT Southwestern Medical Center Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Dr. Collins is currently accepting newly diagnosed AML patients as part of the Beat AML Master Trial.  Click here to learn more.

Hear More From Dr. Collins
Intrigued?  You can hear more about the Beat AML trial from Dr. Collins at the FREE North Texas Cancer Expo on Saturday, September 16th.  Registration for this session is limited and expected to fill quickly.

 Click on the image below to hear Dr. Collins talk about the Master Trial

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