Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meet The Coach: Shorty Roberson

We sat down with Coach Shorty Roberson for a little interview about the upcoming Winter season that he is going to coach. Here is what he had to say.  

1.       What is something special about the Disney Marathon that people would not know from reading the event brochure?

They don't call it the magic kingdom for nothing! Disney is, well it's Disney! They do things right! You run through all the parks in the full marathon and you can actually stop and ride a ride in Animal Kingdom! I don't know of another marathon that you can do that in. All the Disney characters are out and you are encouraged to stop and get a picture with each one along the way. It truly is a destination Marathon, half Marathon or both! You can run a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday, I don't know any place else you can do that. Oh and there are the Disney parks to visit when you are not running! It's a great trip to the happiest place on earth!

2.       Tell us about how a specific participant inspired you during the last season you coached. Running for some people is easy, they have the time, they have the speed and everything just seems to go their way.  It is the underdog that inspires me, the one who is not fast, the one you would never guess was a runner, the one who struggles to make it, but always does. The mother with small kids at home and a husband to take care of and yet she still takes care of them and gets her training in. That is the person who inspires me.

3.       Tell us about a specific moment during a training that made you realize just how special being part of Team In Training is.
When I see someone reach a new goal, especially when I see someone run farther than they ever have and they are still good. It is amazing to see the look on their face and this indescribable glow on their face, it's a look of "Ya I just rocked that run!". I got to be there, I got to witness their accomplishment and I got to share in their joy. That makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger than you, something special.

4.       Team In Training is often called a participant’s second family.  Can you give a specific example of a time you felt like your participants were more like family than a bunch of strangers training together?
Every week. We talk about our families while we run, what is going on in our lives and how Team in Training is changing us. My daughter was recently sick and in the hospital for a few days, the out pouring of love from my TNT family was way past above and beyond. It was amazing and I still tear up just thinking about it.

5.       Share a quote that helps to keep you motivated during difficult training sessions.
You asked the wrong person for quotes, I have way to many of them, here are a few.
To finish is to win.
Yours is not the only life you are changing.
It's gonna feel so much better when it quits hurting! lol!
You are accomplishing what so many people will never attempt.

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